Dear Doris,

I just wanted to thank you for presenting the Leadership Essentials course at the Federal Election Commission this Wednesday. I received very positive feedback from all analysts who attended; they highly recommended you for future courses as a wonderful instructor.  Below are the three written comments I received; the other two participants approached me in person and told me that they found the course very helpful and enjoyed the discussions.  We hope to be able to take advantage of more courses you are teaching at the Graduate School as training funds become available.



Nataliya Loffe
Authorized Branch Chief, Reports Analysis Division
Federal Election Commission

More excerpts!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training yesterday.  Doris was a fantastic teacher and I definitely gained a lot of valuable knowledge and skills that I can utilize here now and in the future.  I would recommend both the teacher and the class to anyone."

"I really appreciated the opportunity to learn some new skills and how to best utilize the ones I already have.  I definitely took away  valuable information and Doris was great."

"Leadership Essentials training was a good way to kick start my perspective on leadership in my first few weeks as a GS-12.  I thought the day was composed well, starting with the self assessment to identify our styles moving on to Mentor/Coaching roles we want to play be in RAD, and last identifying our weaknesses to help find growth opportunities to develop our styles.  Doris facilitated our discussion well.  I think something we walk away from the course taking up one of the instructor's refrains, where there is not confrontation there is no resolution. I see this as a valuable lesson as I transition into a position to bear the responsibility to affect change in RAD, when needed."
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